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To thrive in business today, leaders must possess the ability to communicate in a way that inspires, motivates, and influences their teams.

In this 2-day program, you will learn to FIND, ORGANIZE, and ARTICULATE your thoughts using storytelling tactics to make your presentations and conversations more memorable and impactful. In addition to learning the concepts, you will have the opportunity to put knowledge into practice using our STORIFY CANVAS, a simple, practical, and effective tool that you can take back with you to craft authentic, inspiring, and impactful messages.

Learning Format

2-days Practitioner-Led Workshop and Interactive Storify Canvas that combines all concepts and ingredients to help organize your thoughts into memorable and impactful

Target Participants

  • Anyone whose role requires them to persuade, clarify, and/or inspire
  • Senior leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, change agents, project managers
  • And anyone who wishes to accelerate their communication skills and utilize storytelling as a management tool for the most effective team management

Key Learning

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and organize their thoughts in a systematic way to create impact
  • Utilize storytelling skills to persuade, clarify, and inspire their teams and stakeholders
  • Increase their leadership capacity to lead and influence others through better communication


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Tuition and fees

฿ 48,000/Person

฿ 38,000/Person

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