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Slingshot DNA

WE believe that people are at the core of strong organizations and continue to be the drivers behind our business – every employee plays an important role in creating superior services to our clients. Despite diverse backgrounds, “SLINGSHOTIANS” share the same aspiration – to elevate Thai leaders’ potential to world-class standards. At Slingshot, the fuel that drives us towards that particular goal is our shared DNA


Simple yet humble
Passion for Self- Learning & Development (Multi-Skills)

Be simple & humble and be open to learn new things by keeping up with current situations and global trends related to the business, as well as constantly develop self to acquire new skills for the benefit of organization, team and self.


Lead changes

Be adaptable to different situations, eager to lead changes, dare to take risks and try new things. When facing with challenges and difficulties, be able to withstand and bounce back quickly.


Accountable & Responsible
Empower Self & Others

Be accountable for your actions, including roles & responsibilities and be able to drive team to the highest performance.


Collaboration & Teamwork
Customer Focused (Customer Centric)

Build collaborations throughout the organization and respond to clients' needs to the utmost satisfaction.

Slingshot Culture

Our employees, whether a recent graduate or experienced professional, will work with leadership minds, and create resources that drive transformation for leaders confronted with the challenges their organization, industry, and society face.

Learning & Development
More than just rewards

WE offer our employees different intangible rewards, such as working with opportunities to test, develop and grow their professional skills to advance and learn alongside accomplished business leaders. We provide opportunities for them to look for the excitement of moving beyond their roles that will add value to their job in contributing success to the organization and clients.

Learning From
The Experts

Our employees have the opportunities to expose themselves to the outside world by wor...

Learning From

Our employees have frequent opportunities and are encouraged to work in groups alongs...

Learning From

As members of Slingshot, our employees have the opportunities to join some of the mos...

The Stories

Here’s the story from our beloved Slingshot people

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