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The LeadershipACT Program
is tailored to help Thai leaders navigate into the unknown and embrace the changes in technology, demographics, and contemporary business landscape because leaders today are faced with obstacles like never before, they can no longer rely on traditional strategy, leadership style, and culture. The Size, Authority, and Toxic culture – or the SAT style of leadership will not be the drive that pushes the company forward. They need to ACT by being Articulated, Connected, and Trusted leaders.

The objective of this course is to show leaders how they can articulate a shared vision to drive aligned values and actions in the company. Leaders must understand that their role will change from being the hero to being a servant leader that connects to inspire people and engage their team to deliver and create value for the customers. Lastly, leaders must use trust to cultivate and practice a wellness culture to build a sustainable organization that will continue to thrive after their time with the company.

Upon completion of the Program, participants will be equipped with the business mindset that is complementary to the digital era. Leaders will understand the shift from being products focused on customer-centric and the need to move on from perfecting their operations to thinking critically about transforming their business to create value and be relevant to customers. To perform while you are transforming requires a leader to be mindful in maneuvering changes both internally and externally.

Prerequisites for LeadershipACT

  1. Qualifications
    • Senior Executives or Top-Level Management
    • A person responsible for organizational change or business transformation.
  2. Participant is able to attend the activities hosted by Slingshot Group with participants from other organizations.
  3. Participant must attend at least 80% of overall activities

Learning Format

  • You will get the “focused content for leaders in Thai context” with new & up-to-date cases where you will be encouraged to integrate into your own business
  • You will experience "life-changing personalized attention" from our high profile faculty team
  • You will leverage “networking and peer power” while interacting with the top management from other companies who face similar opportunities and challenges

Target Participants

  • Thai Corporate Executives
  • Thai Business Owners
  • Thai Startup Founders

Key Learning

  • Learn about the 6 new LeadershipACT personas that build Thai Leaders to World-Class Leadership
  • Discover what are the right mindsets and capabilities that help you to successfully lead in Thailand and to become World-Class Leaders
  • Generate ideas that advance leadership practice in the Thai context
  • Understand the Slingshot Leadership Competencies approach to construct a customized Individual Development Plan





Course Structure



Module 1: Introduction to LeadershipACT

Module 2: Uncharted Explorer: Into the Unknown

  • Strengthening Personal & Professional Expertise
  • Dealing with the VUCA World and Making Change Happen

Module 3: Uncharted Explorer: Product to Purpose

  • Identifying New Opportunities & Taking Risks

Module 4: Success Warrior: Purpose to Profit

  • Creating Competitive Edge by Being Distinctive
  •  Building Customers Centric Capabilities for Results

Module 5: Success Warrior: The Transformer

  • Digitalization to Enhance Customers Connections



Tuition and fees

฿ 190,000/Person

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