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  • Available in over 30 languages.
  • Clear graphical presentation makes understanding accessible.
  • Questionnaire takes approximately 15–20minutes allowing for quick turnaround times.
  • Reports use management style language with no jargon.
  • Easy-to-read style and layout make interpretation accessible.
  • Information can be applied by the organization or individual across the entire employee life-cycle.

Facet5 model of behavior

Facet5 personality profile is based on research done at Edinburgh University in the 1980s, using a Big5 model of personality, generally considered by psychologists to be the best way of understanding behavior. The Facet5 model uses the following five behavioral dimensions:

  • Will: the degree to which an individual is determined, assertive and independent.
  • Energy: the degree to which an individual is enthusiastic, sociable and involved.
  • Affection: the degree to which an individual is open, sincere, warm and generous.
  • Control: the degree to which an individual is structured, orderly and self-disciplined.
  • Emotionality: interacts with the other Facet5 factors and affects stress tolerance, confidence and emotional state.

Profile report and components

The Facet5 questionnaire forms the foundation of the Facet5 range of products, providing individual data that
is combined and contrasted by other Facet5 products. Reports use helpful, work-related, easy-to-read language, and produce the following components:

  • An individual profile and report: describe individual behavior and preferences
  • The Family Portrait: compares the individual profile to one of 17 reference families
  • SearchLight Review of Competence: individual strengths and areas for development against six competencies: leadership, interpersonal, communication, analysis and decision making, initiative and effort, planning and organizing
  • LeadingEdge Guide to Leading: how to engage and manage someone to maximize engagement and job satisfaction
  • WorkPreferences: individual intrinsic motivators.”

Learning Format

  • Average 15-20 minutes to complete 106 questions arranged in semantic differentials

Target Participants

  • Suitable for all adults. Can be used in occupational or personal settings

Key Learning

  • Applied across the entire employee lifecycle, including the selection and integration of new hires, development of leaders at all levels, promotion of collaboration and teamwork, identifying and developing talent, and at times of separation or exit from an organization
  • Measures 5 personality traits and 13 sub-factors
    • Will (Determination, Confrontation, Independence)
    • Energy (Vitality, Sociability, Adaptability)
    • Affection (Altruism, Support, Trust)
    • Control (Discipline, Responsibility)
    • Emotionality (Tension, Apprehension)

Tuition and fees

฿ 8,000/Person

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