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The two-day Facet5® Accreditation workshop provides participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge to use Facet5® within their businesses. With an emphasis on information and real-time practice, this program is practical and straightforward. Participants leave with the knowledge and skills that can be readily applied to issues and opportunities at work.

Program Outline

The program covers the following content areas:

  • The history and development of Facet5
  • ‘Big 5’ personality theory
  • Reliability and validity ofFacet5
  • Facet5 factors and sub-factors in depth Factor combinations
  • Response latency and its application Norm groups and languages



Learning Format

  • Hybrid Learning Format
    • 1.5-hour virtual introduction class
    • 2-day workshop

Target Participants

  • Business Professionals that require tools to help with decision making on people management
  • Human Resources Professionals that require tools to recruit, groom, and maintain talents

Key Learning

  • Be able to interpret Facet5® personality profiles confidently and accurately
  • Be able to deliver quality feedback, and answer key questions that may arise during the feedback process


Mantana Raksachad

CEO and Partner, Slingshot Group | Executive-Trainer-Facilitator

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Course Structure


Day One

The first day is focused on understanding the tool, look at the five factors and 13 subfactors and how they interact with each other, with special emphasis on unusual combinations. It also cover the background of Facet5® and how it’s compares with other psychometrics.

Day Two

Tuition and fees

฿ 80,000/Person


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