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Providing feedback – both reinforcing and redirecting – is a proven vehicle for improving performance, engaging employees and capturing their commitment, resulting in positive organizational results. When delivered with skill, feedback is a powerful tool for organizations and employees, and successful leaders recognize the value of providing feedback. Research shows that employees want to receive feedback.

So, why is it the most avoided managerial behavior? Simply put, leaders lack the courage and skills to provide effective feedback to their colleagues. Elevating Feedback™ empowers people to give helpful assessments for continuous improvement.

Learning Format

  • Instructor-led and skills training experience
  • Half-day program

Target Participants

This program is designed for employees at every level of the organization

Key Learning

  • Identify the personal and business benefits of providing effective feedback
  • Understand why providing feedback is so hard
  • Reflect on how preference and behavior impact the ability to give and receive feedback
  • Use best practices for providing meaningful reinforcing feedback
  • Use the FUEL model as a framework for providing redirecting feedback
  • Create a personal feedback action plan

Course Structure


Module 1: Understanding Feedback

  • Human Emotions and Psychological Needs
  • Feedback Practices
  • Perspectives Development Suggestions
  • Two Types of Feedback
  • Opportunities to Provide Feedback

Module 2: Reinforcing Feedback

Module 3: Redirecting Feedback

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