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Target Participants

  • Executive and managers at all levels
  • Senior Executive, Management, Directors
  • Individuals in leadership roles
  • Leadership Team

Connecting Team™ teaches participants to leverage different behavioural styles to more effectively deliver complex work projects, resolve conflict, engage stakeholders, and manage stress. Teams practice persuasive methods to provide constructive and impactful feedback that drives continuous learning and improvement.

Learning Format

  • Instructor-led workshop with interactive discussions
  • A prerequisite of TeamScape 360 review assessment
  • 2-day program

Key Learning

  • Set Clear Objectives Upfront
  • Coach vs Manage Every Week and Every Day
  • Remove Obstacles Before They Turn into Roadblocks
  • Collaborate and Communicate Across Departments
  • Hold the Team Accountable While Maintaining Personal Accountability

Course Structure


Module 1 : A Reason to Jump Out of Bed Each Morning

  • Welcome and Scene setting
  • What is your Ikigai?

Module 2 : What Does an Effective Team look like?

Module 3 : There is an “I” in Team!

Module 4 : Engaging Team

Tuition and fees

฿ 35,000/Person

฿ 30,000/Person

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