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This workshop teaches leaders at all levels to drive change through the practical application of John Kotter’s PROVEN PRINCIPLES for effective change. The experience connects the heart of those ready to embrace and lead change today with the mindset necessary to ensure future success.

Learning Format

  • Instructor-led workshop and interactive discussions
  • 2-day program

Target Participants

  • Individuals who may or may not have a specific change goal but who nonetheless should be counted on to take action when they see things that need to be done
  • Teams with specific change goals that are responsible for implementing part of a change effort

Key Learning

  • Provide participants with a working understanding of Change Management and how to successfully use a powerful 8-Step process to implement change
  • Understand the forces that affect successful change; both positively and negatively
  • Learn to identify barriers in achieving change in an organization
  • Develop intelligent strategy to overcome these barriers


Course Structure


Module 1: What is Kotter’s Leading Bold Change? Why is it important?

  • Who is John Kotter and where he is in the context of change management?
  • Eight common mistakes where change went wrong and business cases
  • The nature of change and the associated individual and team behaviors
  • Understanding of Cognitive Behaviours
  • Meet the penguins: Our Iceberg is Melting the story is fun and simple but the implications are accurate and plentiful
  • Activity to raise participants sense of urgency about change and its importance

Module 2: Penguin characters and how they fit in the 8 Steps of Change

Module 3: Identify your own melting iceberg

Module 4: See the whole picture and learn how to keep on top of the change progress

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