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Inventive approach to leadership development that accentuates on the functions of the brain. Based on scientific understanding, development process is accelerated to ensure sustainable outcome.

Learning Format

  • Instructor-led workshop and interactive discussions
  • 1-day program

Target Participants

  • Individuals in leadership roles
  • Executives and managers at all levels

Key Learning

  • Understand the function of brain and how they work relatively
  • Understand the impact of brain towards leadership
  • Learn how to lead, motivate and collaborate others through the connectedness of brain
  • Learn tips for maximization of brain capacity

Course Structure


Module 1: Getting to Know the ‘Brain’ KPIs of the Brain

  • KPIs of the Brain
  • Basic sides of the brain: Front / Back / Left / Right
  • The brain vs. corporate organization structure
  • Front : The Executive functions
  • Back : The Organization Culture
  • Left / Right : The Operative functions
  • What the brain does well: Biases, Attachment to the Past, and Keeping Us Alive
  • What the brain does not do well: Store Information, Accuracy, Vision, and Chronic Stress

Module 2: Leading Your Brain

Module 3: Leading Others’

Module 4: Tips for Maximizing the Brain

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