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What is Coaching Readiness?

Spotlight is about change. But what kind of change and how can a coach facilitate change?

A coach’s role is to facilitate this change and may apply any of the several models of change: psychodynamic, gestalt, TA and learning theory to name but a few. Our motivation to change is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • dissatisfaction with the status quo; and
  • a clear vision of the desired future.

Coaching helps close this gap between the ‘now’ and the ‘want to be’. This is what coaches do. But how do we know if people are ready and open to change?

Change may be gradual, evolutionary, and perhaps quite easy. But big changes may be revolutionary and require a lot of effort. If we are naturally impulsive and fast-thinking, holding back takes effort. To make this type of change takes work. And each person is different. Some are more ‘ready’ than others.

What does the research show?

Research shows that some people respond to coaching quicker and so may get more out of the program. But others take more time to settle in. This can be for a number of reasons. So what is it that makes a person open to change. Where might resistance come from?

Research suggests that a client is ready when they are: willing to listen, approachable, open and accepting, hard-working and disciplined and balanced in response to feedback. We have sought the opinions of experienced coaches and combined this with the available research to look at ‘readiness’ in Facet5 terms. Facet5 looks at 13 core elements of a person’s personality. From the research, we have been able to identify ‘ideal’ points on these 13 elements. This report shows how your client matches this ‘ideal’ and provides discussion points to help set the coaching agenda.

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