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Audition Candidate Comparison – Introduction

Audition is designed to be used in conjunction with a Behaviour or Situation-Based Interview. It produces a detailed guide including suggested interview questions and it is essential users are familiar with these principles. Audition is therefore ideal for people involved in selection/recruitment where the ability to compare individuals against a specified ideal is required. Users of Audition should be skilled in competency-based interviewing or equivalent training, to be able to demonstrate the assumptions underpinning the approach.

Sections of this report
Role Description

This section contains two convergence charts that show the ideal profile for this role.

The first convergence chart consists of a radar plot, which shows the ideal scores for Will, Energy, Affection, and Control, and a bar chart plotting the ideal score for Emotionality.

The second convergence chart breaks the 5 factors down into 13 sub-factors. In this chart, each of the 13 sub-factors is represented by a “role element” label. The line down the center of the chart represents a score of 5.5 for each sub-factor. If bars are visible, the ideal score is either higher or lower than 5.5.

Profile Comparison
This section shows the candidates ranked according to their ‘closeness of fit’ to the selected role definition template.

The similarity score shows how close each respective profile is to the ‘optimum’ profile represented by the template – the higher the score, the closer the fit.

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