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Tuition and fees

฿ 10,000/Person

฿ 8,000/Person


Why ?

  • Unlock your True Potential
  • Be more Proactive
  • Encourage Positive Self-Development
  • Practice Self-Control
  • Better at Work, Better in Life

Target Participants

Recommended for passionate adults whom are willing to explore their personality

Learning Format

Virtual Learning

Key Learning

  • The Big Five Personality Traits : Where Do You Stand?
  • Introduction to Facet5 & Self Awareness
  • Running through 13 FACTORS & Exploring Self-Activity
  • Experiencing your True Self (Understand your Profile)
  • How to utilize your Profile at Work & in Life
  • Developing Quick Action Plan


Mantana Raksachad

Managing Director – Core Business, Slingshot Group |Executive Trainer I Facilitator

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